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The Action 

"One Minute for Change" can take place at any time. Spontaneously, alone or in a group.

The minute begins with the exclamation, "One minute for change!" A sign with the webpage in our hands or on the ground in front of us can provide more background info for interested people. 

How this minute is spent should be as diverse as the people who create it.  

One suggestion would be to sit on the floor at noon each day and just sit there in silence. That alone is a powerful contrast to our hectic daily lives. 

But we can also pick up an instrument and play it for a minute. Perform a Rap. Read poetry. Dance. Use mime. Singing together with our best friends for one minute. Recite quotes from great people. We can say what we pause for: for the trees, our oceans, the animals and plants, for a new togetherness, for dialogue. For change that starts within. 

After this minute we end the action by saying again "One minute for change". We can leave a sign with the web address as a visible sign at the place of the action. Afterwards, we continue to follow our daily routine as if nothing had happened. 

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