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The time of the summer solstice on June 21 has symbolized a turning point in time for thousands of years. It is an important date when things come to light. 

We are therefore launching "One Minute for Change" at 12 noon on June 21, 2023 in Vienna. 

"One Minute for Change" is a mixture of meditation, flashmob and political activism in public space. 

It's about pausing in what we're doing right now - no matter where we are: on the subway, in a pedestrian zone, in the supermarket, in the office - what's important is a clear STOP as a sign that we don't want to continue as we are.

What should change? We think: just about everything! Traffic concepts, our treatment of planet earth, our culture of conversation and also the definition of success - beyond money, power and fame.

It is an idea, behind which there is no ideology, no political party, no financial interests, we are not interested in attention for individuals and self-promotion but in spreading an idea: Our joyful commitment to a better life for everyone on this planet.

The more people follow this example, the more different they are, the stronger the sign: From the student of the first grade to the pensioner, from the street sweeper to the university professor - all people, all professions, all ages are invited to join in and set an example. 

Share your "Minute for Change"with us! Film or take pictures during your spontaneous performances, tell us your stories and post them on social media. Hashtag #oneminuteforchange. 



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